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SUPEROD® is the most technologically advanced fiberglass suckerod in the world.

First and foremost, we would like to thank you for considering us for all your needs.

We stand for SUCCESS

Offering customer and technical services that are second to none. SUPEROD® is committed to your financial success.

We offer the BEST

We offer the best product, finest customer service, superior technical assistance, and manufacturing quality control from
A to Z.

We do the WORK

SUPEROD® personnel will design your string, provide installation and troubleshooting services, plus guarantee performance.

And we do it ON TIME

SUPEROD® delivers your string with our company owned trucks to insure proper handling and loading procedures.


Our Products

Superior Design & Application From the Pioneers of Fiberglass Sucker Rods.

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Our Warranty


The Fiberglass Sucker Rod experience is back in the oilfield, providing the finest sucker rod that has ever existed along with legendary customer service. Superod® offers superior service and the longest-lasting sucker rod and offers a 2-year manufacturing warranty along with a money-back guarantee.

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100M Ft.

And Counting...

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Superod - 365 a year

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Made in Big Spring, Texas ~ Superod®

Superod® is made in Texas and used all over the world.

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Superior Design &
Application Engineering from
The Pioneers of Fiberglass Rods

Need more technical information on rod body weights, lengths, and more?
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Commonly Asked Questions...

R2 R&D is our company name and Superod® is our product name. Please look for R2 R&D.

Superod® Regular rods are rated for 180° F.  Superod® High Temperature Rods are rated for 240° F.  

Superod® pin is either 1″= 7/8″, or 1.25 = 1″.

Yes we suggest you use a Superod® Technician to perform this test.

Yes we do it everyday (just not our rod a competitors).

Superior design, manufacture, and guaranteed performance.

Our manufacturing facilities are located in Big Spring, Texas.

1.25 – 2″

1″- 1 5/8″

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Superod® ~ From the Factory to your site. Outstanding Service!

When you do business with Superod® you have the most professional service team right at your fingertips. From our factory to your site, we take care of you every step of the way!


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