The company’s founder, Russ Rutledge is one of the original pioneers in fiberglass sucker rod technology and is a long-time Big Spring resident. Mr. Rutledge and others developed the first long-term success of this technology in 1978 with the founding of Fiberflex, Inc. Mr. Rutledge later founded Fiberglass Technologies, Inc. in 1985. This Company began by refurbishing and selling existing fiberglass rods which were refitted with a newly developed, patented end-fitting. Fiberglass Technologies, Inc. later acquired Fiberflex, Inc. and formed the company known as FIBEROD. FIBEROD was a successful manufacturer and seller of fiberglass sucker rods for eight years utilizing the innovative end fitting design developed by Fiberglass Technologies, Inc. FIBEROD was sold in May of 2008 to the Smith Group, an international company and is now known as John Crane Production Solutions, Inc. Because of the demand from former customers and the long-term relationships developed from over 30 years of innovation in the industry, Mr. Rutledge began developing and testing a new, cutting edge end-fitting design in late 2010. With the successful development of the new end-fitting design, Mr. Rutledge formed R2R and D, LLC on May 26, 2011 and began the process of starting a new company. In October of 2011, the first rods were produced in the new Big Spring facility. The Company has chosen to brand the new rod “SUPEROD®” because the quality, strength, and durability far exceed any other rod in the market and is advertised as “The final rod you will ever need.” SUPEROD® is committed to building the finest product possible while offering the best service in the industry. Because SUPEROD® believes in our people and the product we produce, our fiberglass sucker rod has a two year warranty, the longest warranty in the industry.