Superod® Engineers will design your rod string free of charge using either Rodstar or Srod predictive programming.

Superod® offers delivery and installation with every purchase.

Superod® offers on site pick up and storage for sucker rods.

Superod® will store your install reports.

Superod® offers technical services.  Installation, inspections, respacing, backoff, milling to name a few… as well as training classes.

Do you need to schedule your tech-service?

Superod® provides installation with every purchase.

Superod® offers inspection services.

Superod® Well-techs will respace your rod strings.

Superod®  offers trouble technical services.

Superod® offers fishing and back off services.

Superod® offers shear tool and on-off tool services.

Superod® offers Milling services.


The Service Department

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