Fishing a Fiberglass Rod is an art.  Superod® has experienced technicians that use special tools to catch and retrieve a parted rod string.

Technicians use a 40′ barrel to gather the parted rod body and get to the next end fitting.  A spiral grapple is used to catch the end fitting.

If you require a Superod® fisherman you most likely are using an inferior fiberglass rod.

Superod® Fiberglass Suckerod

Superod® technicians are available to back off the rod string in trouble well scenarios.  Superod® rods can normally be backed off with minor or no damage to rod string.  This is providing that proper installation was used during the last workover.

This is NOT a function that should be tried by the workover crew without a Superod® technician on site.


Trouble Tech Services

Call or email Logan Gamble, Tech Service Manager.

[email protected]