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Cross Over Couplings

Rod Guides – Superod Rod Guides are placed on the fiberglass Rod body to the customers specification. 

These Rod guides are produced and installed in our plant using a process unique to Superod. 

Testing proves that Superod guides handle a greater side load than smaller molded on Rod guides used by the competitors. 

If you need to stabilize your Rod string then you need Superod Rod Guides. 


Guided Rods – We carry 1.25″ with 6 guides or 10 guides for 2 7/8″ tubing. We carry 1″ with 6 guides for 2 7/8″ tubing or 2 3/8″ tubing. We also have high temp guided.

Sinker Bars – Superod Stocks All American Sinker Bars for your convenience. All American Sinker Bars is based out of Odessa, TX.

Mud Anchors – Superod Manufactures a Mud Anchor made completely of Fiberglass. Please call for information about applications: +1.432.517.4145